Jan Dowding

Jan Dowding

T: +44 1962 735 350

Prior to joining The VAT Consultancy, Jan held Senior in-house Indirect Tax roles at well-known High Street Brands. She has also worked for Deloitte, PwC and HMRC.

Jan’s extensive in house experience ensures she understands the challenges and pressures in house VAT teams face and the importance of proactively engaging with their stakeholders and including VAT in commercial decision making. One of her key strengths is making complex VAT issues simple and understandable by wider financial and commercial teams with non VAT backgrounds. Jan’s approach is to find practical and positive solutions for businesses to ensure they are VAT compliant and VAT efficient.

Her experience includes:

  • Managing significant and material indirect tax projects;
  • Contributing indirect tax advice as part of large corporate projects such as M&A and new and innovative business ventures;
  • Implementing extensive indirect tax processes and controls, which are robust and cost effective and embedded within ERP systems;
  • Creating and conducting Indirect Tax training workshops; and
  • Working positively and collaboratively with HMRC to resolve issues.