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Financial Services

The VAT Consultancy offers a dedicated source for Value Added Tax (VAT) consultancy, tailored specifically for the financial services sector. In today’s interconnected global financial landscape, the intricacies of VAT can be daunting, but The VAT Consultancy is here to provide you with specialist VAT guidance to help you navigate these complexities successfully.

At The VAT Consultancy, we recognise the nuances of your sector and the impact VAT can have on the bottom line and are committed to delivering customised VAT advisory solutions to the sector – banks, investment firms, IFAs, family offices, payment processors and similar.

Our mission is to demystify the complexities of VAT within this industry, ensuring you understand the relevant VAT exemptions available and the conditions attached to these, and ultimately helping you manage the cost of VAT.

Common areas we advise on include;
  • VAT liability of revenue streams and costs – does exemption apply to your revenue or is it taxable?
  • Payment Processing – are you executing the payment or giving instructions to someone else to execute?
  • Independent Financial Advisors and VAT – are you acting as a VAT exempt financial intermediary or providing advice?
  • Outsourcing – are you providing outsourced exempt payment processing type services or taxable back office administrative services?
  • Bundling and unbundling/mixed supplies with a mixed VAT rates versus a single supply that is taxable or exempt
  • Partial exemption – standard method overrides and special methods – should the business have one?


Julie Park

Managing Director
– VAT and Customs Duty
M: +44 781 400 4236
T: +44 203 2806902