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Welcome to The VAT Consultancy, where our specialism in Value Added Tax (VAT) consultancy extends to the domestic  and commercial property sector. VAT intricacies can pose significant challenges for property developers, investors, landlords, and businesses operating within the commercial property sphere. The VAT Consultancy is here to offer specialised VAT solutions tailored to the specific needs of this industry, ensuring that you remain in compliance with all applicable regulations and minimise the impact of VAT on your activities.

Our significant experience in this sector enables us to simplify the VAT complexity for property stakeholders.  We can be your trusted partner, guiding you through the VAT regulations, and helping you achieve your goals in the property market.

This is a difficult area from a VAT perspective and key to managing VAT is considering VAT upfront.

Common areas we advise on include:
  • Commercial property development and VAT
  • Residential property development and conversion
  • Option to Tax
  • Reduced or zero rate activity
  • DIY builder scheme
  • Transfer of a Going Concern analysis
  • VAT place of supply rules – land related transactions?
  • UK Domestic Reverse Charge for construction services


Kate Insole

VAT Manager
M: +44 7784 042901