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Retail and Etail

Welcome to The VAT Consultancy, your dedicated partner for Value Added Tax (VAT) consultancy services, with a specialised focus on the dynamic and fast-paced retail and e-tail (e-commerce) sectors. In today’s consumer-driven world, VAT intricacies present unique challenges for businesses operating in these industries. The VAT Consultancy is here to offer expert guidance and tailored VAT solutions designed to help your retail or e-tail business thrive.

VAT rules for retailers can be complex and can include overseas VAT considerations.

The retail and e-tail sectors are characterised by rapidly changing consumer trends, intricate sales transactions, and complex VAT regulations. At The VAT Consultancy, we recognise the specific challenges of these industries and are committed to providing comprehensive VAT services to ensure your compliance with the ever-evolving VAT landscape.  We can also provide global customs duty support, ensuring you minimise the cost of import tax to the business.

Let The VAT Consultancy be your trusted partner.

Common areas we advise on include;
  • VAT liability of products and product file reviews
  • Cross border etailing including the use of platforms such as Amazon, ebay- VAT and customs duty structuring and compliance
  • Loyalty arrangements and vouchers
  • Customs duty reliefs (bonded warehouses, Inward Processing)
  • Adjustments to Daily Gross Takings
  • VAT implications of charitable initiatives by retailers eg food donations


Julie Park

Managing Director
– VAT and Customs Duty
M: +44 781 400 4236
T: +44 203 2806902