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Comprehensive VAT and Customs Duty Consultancy and Compliance Services

Elevate your business success with our high quality, pragmatic VAT and duty advice, focused on saving you time, ensuring seamless compliance and providing accurate workable solutions in the dynamic landscape of Value Added Tax and Customs Duty.


Welcome to a suite of comprehensive VAT compliance services tailored to fortify and streamline your tax related business operations. In the intricate world of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Customs Duty, strategic planning, meticulous compliance, and expert guidance are indispensable. At The VAT Consultancy, we bring you a range of solutions designed to optimise your financial processes, ensuring not only compliance with VAT and duty laws but also the maximisation of valuable resources – staff time and money.  Explore our services and let us navigate the complexities of VAT and duty for you.

VAT Services that Maximise Value

VAT Advisory: In the complex world of VAT, taking specialist advice is paramount. Our expert vat advisory services ensure that your business receives the right guidance from the outset, minimising exposure to VAT risk and ensuring compliance with relevant laws. Time and money are invaluable resources, and our forward-thinking approach aims to save both for your business, reducing the risk of penalties for non-compliance and minimising unnecessary VAT costs.

VAT Reviews: Consider our VAT review as a holistic “health check” for your business’s VAT transactions. This service not only pinpoints potential risks but also identifies opportunities for VAT savings. Uncover cash flow savings opportunities while ensuring the accuracy of your VAT processes.

HMRC Dispute Resolution: Navigating the complexities of VAT can inadvertently lead businesses into conflict with HM Revenue & Customs. Our experts specialise in resolving disputes, providing guidance in challenging areas, and ensuring a smooth resolution process.

VAT Accounting Procedures: As VAT is imbedded in various business processes, our services extend to optimising VAT accounting procedures. We ensure that your business has robust VAT accounting processes and written procedures which manage VAT risk, minimising disruptions, and maximising efficiency.

Staff Training: Invest in the growth of your business through our staff training programmes. Enhance the skills of your workforce, promoting personal development for employees while benefiting from a more knowledgeable and adept team.  This is particularly important for staff members who aren’t tax specialists but who are dealing with VAT on a day-to-day basis eg the AP team.

Non-Standard Transactions: Most business undertake non- standard transactions periodically and these may have a different VAT treatment to routine activities. Our experts navigate the uncertainties, providing clarity and guidance for high-value or high-risk transactions.

VAT Retainer: Our annual, quarterly, or monthly VAT retainer, or VAT helpline service, is particularly popular among accountancy firms. Benefit from ongoing support and expert advice to ensure your clients’ business remains VAT-compliant throughout the year.

VAT Compliance: Our VAT compliance service offers the preparation and filing of global VAT returns and associated declarations.  Our USP is our focus on ensuring the transactions being reported on your VAT returns have been treated correctly for VAT purposes – we do not simply process data you provided.  This helps minimise the risk of errors and penalties.

VAT Risk Management and Control

Ad hoc UK and Global Advisory


Interim and Part Time VAT resource for projects and short term staff absence

Cost Reduction and VAT Cashflow Management

VAT and Customs Duty Training

UK and Global VAT and Customs Duty Compliance

ERP Systems and Tax Engines

Land and Property

Imports, Customs Duty and Excise Duty

Time and Resource Optimisation
Transform your business efficiency by entrusting your VAT management to our consultants, freeing up your valuable time and resources to concentrate on core activities, while benefiting from our VAT knowledge.  Our consultants have significant experience of working with in house finance and tax teams and can be as self-sufficient as you want them to be in getting on with projects and helping clear your to-do list.

Tailored Advice for Average Costs
Navigate the diverse landscape of VAT with tailored advice suited to your business sector, ranging from VAT registration in the right location to precise liability assessments and optimal VAT operational structuring. Benefit from our incredible vat compliance and advisory services at the very best costs – our rates are significantly lower than those of the Big 4/Top 10 firms and we offer reduced day rates and fixed fees.

Dependable Expertise, Tangible Business Benefits
Partner with The VAT Consultancy for an investment that goes beyond VAT compliance – our dedicated team of specialists guarantees tailored, commercial solutions ensuring VAT risk is managed and you can focus on the continuous growth and prosperity of your business.

The VAT Consultancy offers expertise in all areas and are approachable any time and respond within a very short period which is essential for our fast-growing business.Their service is highly valued and we feel comfortable working with The VAT Consultancy and are looking forward to many more years of business together.


The VAT Consultancy is professional organisation that has provided us with relevant and practical advice in dealing with our VAT affairs. We have a number of diverse businesses, each with its own specific VAT impact, and The VAT Consultancy has the relevant knowledge and experience to advise the Group. Their approach is to partner with the business and this has been a valuable resource in a small tax team.


We have worked closely with The VAT Consultancy for several years, during which time The VAT Consultancy has provided a great deal of insight and practical tax support for our growing operations and current transformation programme. We chose to work with The VAT Consultancy because of the experience and quality of individuals and the consistency of interaction (unlike other firms, they regularly keep in contact with you) which is good value for money. Whilst we are one of the world’s largest aviation groups, we still enjoy the personal attention given by the team in The VAT Consultancy and its ability to provide good quality advice in a straightforward and timely manner.


The VAT Consultancy has provided us with a wealth of knowledge, guidance and support for our growing global business. We are incredibly appreciative of their immediate responses to complex VAT issues in the multiple (50+) countries in which we provide our services and their expert advice is invaluable to insure compliance and world class support to our international client base. They have provided specialized training courses, written guidance, procedures, templates, comprehensive reviews/audits of contractual relationships and the historical global invoicing and they respond timely and thoughtfully to our continuous inquiries relating to VAT in our ever growing business. Being able to have one reliable source to obtain VAT advice is outstanding.


Head off any VAT Risks with our specialist VAT and customs duty advisory services

Our teams of dedicated VAT specialists is committed to helping businesses navigate the complexity of global VAT and customs duty legislation.