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We offer VAT and customs duty helpline/retainer arrangements – although we are an independent based in the UK, we are part of a global network of VAT and duty specialists. Our Helplines are tailored to suit the needs of clients and so could be focused on UK issues, or equally could be used to deal with global VAT and duty issues.

The main benefit of a helpline arrangement is that it offers certainty of a fixed cost each month, removing the requirement to seek a budget for ad hoc queries or negotiate over fees each month. In addition it offers speedy access to a senior consultant who will be able to give you a response to your specific query or give you pointers as to the key issues to consider so that you can eg brief commercial teams in meetings about the key issues.

With respect to global queries, we gave a significant amount of global VAT and customs duty knowledge gleaned from years of advising in this area, and should immediately be able to give you an indication of the issues to consider to allow you to progress the issue before confirming the precise response with our colleagues overseas where required.

Our fees for helplines vary depending on the likely frequency of use and we typically offer a trial run period of day 3 months so that both parties can make sure the agreed fee basis is appropriate.

Examples of current helpline arrangements include:
  • Helplines for accountancy firms and other professional service firms that do not have in house VAT or duty expertise and therefore work with us to ensure their clients still have the benefit of being able to access specialist advice (either via the accountant or by us dealing direct, whichever is preferred)
  • Global VAT and duty helpline for a division of a global manufacturer operating globally – the helpline is used by their finance and logistics team leads who field queries from their teams
  • Short term arrangements (e.g. For 6mths) to support a particular team within a business following a major transformation or during a specific project

Our advice is typically provided by email do a written response is available but we respond by phone too where urgent. We aim to turn queries around within 24 hours.


Julie Park

Managing Director
– VAT and Customs Duty
M: +44 781 400 4236
T: +44 203 2806902